What do we do?

History has left Singapore with a very strong culture of selling and many words are used to describe salespeople including on occasion “consultant”. Fullduplex are not vendors, we do not represent or sell any brand of hardware or software. Our core strength is providing our clients with independent, unbiased advice that helps them to implement the optimum mixes of products and services that they need to be productive. We help corporate decision-makers understand the technical issues and opportunities, and then we work with the organisation and their vendors to design, deliver and maintain solutions that meet the client needs.

Where a client doesn’t have an IT department we can become their outsourced IT department. Where a client has an IT department we offer valuable depth and breadth of experience and an industry-wide perspective, as a second opinion and maybe only on a project basis.

Who are our clients?

Our clients come from many different industries, and range from offices of MNC’s to small one-person businesses, all of whom need to rely on IT systems to run their respective operations.

Often non-IT people lead our clients’ organisations and in the fast-changing and complex world of IT our unbiased advice helps them make sound well-informed decisions. Some clients involve us even in the budgeting of their IT spending. This helps us to ensure that the correct amount is spent is the right areas so that their technology empowers them towards their strategic goals and objectives.

We have also created a facility where we can on a stand-alone basis cater for IT needs for people passing through or visiting Singapore. Just call or email us and we will work with you to solve your problems.